Okay, so first off I know I said I would post about the positive in my life for now on. I do just have to say this “HOLY FUCK THIS WEEK HAS BEEN STRESSFUL AND I WANT TO RIP MY HAIR OUT!!”


Okay, now that that is over. Let me continue with the positives in my life!

1- My son! He will always been my number one!!

2- For not giving up even when I feel so defeated

3- That I am financially stable enough to provide for my son and I.

4- I have some many family members and friends, that I am ever so grateful to have.

5- This is the best one!! The fact that I get to go home in 30 minutes from work. My brain is so exhausted.

Today, my focus is too leave my work at work!!


Also, one more day till I have four days off!!! heck yes!!!


What are your positives for today???