My mind has been wanting to write for so long. I haven’t made the time. I was hoping to not write on here until it was all positive. 


So here is the first day that i am trying to be positive about my life. For one thing, i need to change the way i see things. Stop looking at everything like its negative and start looking at it as an opportunity to make things better. I need to stop worrying about the future that isnt even here. Really set back and be thankful for what i have. Start being positive everyday so it becomes a habit. 


This is going to be tough. Since everything has been so negative for so long. This can’t go on. I’m only holding myself back. I can’t blame others for how i feel. But i can change how i feel about the situation. 

So here is my promise … so listen up self “We are going to be positive and repeat positive words daily. You need to challenge yourself for 30 days! ” 


Let’s see how the next 30 days play out!!! Wish me luck!!