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Sitting at my desk on this beautiful morning. The sun is shinning out my window and it’s looking like it will be warm. I’ll take you back to my past week…

I had just told a family member that I couldn’t afford to have any days off work. Wouldn’t you know the universe would have different plans. My child ended up coming down with Croup. My credit card was compromised, it was cancelled by the company. Finding out I had to take the next 30 hours off work didn’t help my stress level. Especially when you have an appointment coming up to change your cars windshield and change the oil. I cried for a couple of hours on Monday out of sheer frustration. Could everything all be crashing down on me all at once.. of course it could.

Trying to figure out how I will pull everything together without the pay I was expecting to get on my check. Just means more debt to try and pay off.

The next few days go by and my child is getting better, wouldn’t you know another fast ball would be thrown my way. I would become sick with a head cold and allergies. My now 6 day weekend would turn into nursing myself back to health. Wait a minute.. who has time for that when they have a small child. It consisted of me feeling sorry for myself and wearing sweatpants and using two boxes of Kleenex. Don’t forget to picture Vaseline on my nose to help with the painful raw skin. Oh the sex appeal that comes with being sick.

I had someone ask why I would go on a two hour drive to go shopping to the nearest city while being sick. My response was short and to the point “I’m a single mom, I don’t get to rest when I’m sick. So what’s the point of staying home?” My answer was met with silence. Don’t get me wrong I would have killed to lay in bed and have an exotic man named “Alejandro” to nurse me back to health.

Needless to say a girl can dream. Let’s hope the next couple of weeks get better. I could use some good karma.