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What is it about technology that has woman wanting to post half nude photos on social media? Hell, some of them are exposed more then that. The drama.. the drama. These woman complain numerous times about how they can’t find a man. That they can’t hold down a relationship. They can’t find prince charming! Well, maybe if you opted to keep your clothes on you would have something that “some” men want. You would have respect, dignity and love for yourself. I’m not saying that “all” woman who post nudes on social media don’t love themselves. It seems in my experience that they’re so unbelievably insecure with themselves. I have to admit I follow a few on these woman on Instagram. Most days I laugh, but I am generally annoyed by their posts. One of these women posts photo’s  in the same poses all the time. In her underwear and trying to be a leg model, so it would appear. Yah, okay I’ve seen your leg tattoo and your black underwear for the 100th time… who fucking cares? The same people like your posts…always. Then you go and comment on your facebook about how you are so upset that this guy split up with you etc. If I was him, I would have too. If you are going to show your body to everyone online.. what’s left for him?  There’s nothing exciting to him anymore. How disrespectful to him, you are in a relationship with him. Not with the whole world and then him. I don’t know if this is part of the reason he split with you. I just don’t get why you constantly bitch about not having a man. Your life apparently needs a man in order for you to function. Not only that, you aren’t the only hussy online looking for attention. I know what you are thinking as you read this post. “Why not unfollow said woman from social media if it annoys you.” I’ll tell you why I still follow them because I find it passes the time. It’s like a soap opera unfolding before my very eyes.  Part of me also wishes that you might wake up and respect yourself… I hope that day comes soon. I hope your child doesn’t see any of your past posts when she is older. I hope that she doesn’t end up having insecurities too.

It bothers me about how provocative these woman are. It bothers me that these “types” of woman are deemed socially acceptable. That these images are okay to be posted on numerous sites. Your “ass”  and “tits” can hang out all day everyday and you will be praised for it. Yet, I cannot breastfeed my child in public without being shunned. How ridiculous!!! You can’t even see my nipple or my breasts for that matter. You would have to put your face right next to my child’s face to see anything.. even then I doubt you would get a good look. However, if I were to post a sexy photo on social media without my child.. I would be praised. Or so it seems I would be. The minute I post a photo of my child nursing, it would be deleted by social media. The wrath that followed would be absurd.

When being in a relationship, at least your significant other can get free porn from social media. It’s so easy now a days to hear people say that they have been friends with said person for a long time and that it shouldn’t bother the other person that they follow a 90% nude person’s profile. “It’s not a big deal”, “There isn’t anything going on between us”, ” I don’t even like their photos” and then the guilt sentence follows “Well, if it bugs you that much.. I guess I will delete every girl on my social media.” Once that is said, then you look like the douchebag. Which doesn’t make sense because not long before this is said. They randomly mention that so and so bothers them and you shouldn’t be friends with them anymore etc. Its a catch 22 and for the love of Pete… I’ve  started to hate social media. I loved it too keep in contact with my nearest and dearest. Now I hate seeing all the same crap over and over.  What is socially acceptable and what isn’t, has completely changed.

The new generation is starting so young in how they are to portray themselves online. They don’t even know who they are as a person because they are trying to be someone they are not.

Social Media you have ruined my views on many topics.